Terms & Conditions of Colby Co Service Center

Appointments, Deposits
& Payment

Appointments are final and Non-Transferable. Deposits are Non-Refundable. Final payment is expected to be received in full within 15 days of the final invoice date after services are completed. There is a 1.5% fee added daily to invoices past 15 days. Judgment can and will be placed on your vehicle for unpaid invoices past 30 days.

Service Duration

Services are customizable and could extend the intended booking duration and result in us having your vehicle 2 to 3 days. A job will not be rushed and completed in a half manor to achieve an unreasonable time frame.

Paint Correction/Ceramic Coating

Colby Co Service Center is limited to the results achieved by the surface working with. We are not painters; we are only as good as the canvas we are working on. A repainted or damaged vehicle prior to the appointment may not achieve the result you are looking for. If this is a concern, please request a visual inspection and estimate prior to getting on the schedule.

Paint Protection Film

Colby Co Service Center cannot be held liable for non-factory paint, as we cannot guarantee the workmanship including prep work. This includes any non-factory paint such as dealership touch-ups prior to delivery. Paint/Clear coat should not lift if it has been repainted in some fashion, although we may not always know if this work was done prior to customer delivery or if it is a used vehicle.

We strive for perfection in our installations! But, due to the nature of covering the surface in a sticky film, it is possible to get some degree of dust contamination or other debris under the film while installing. We attempt to take every precaution possible to make a near perfect installation.

Window Tint

Colby Co Service Center advises you to know and understand your states laws before having window tint applied in a manner that could lead to your vehicle to become illegal.